Re-connect to Your Wild Heart
Beltane Firewalk Ceremony, Ambleside, Lake District
Now Full! 
with Jon Keen M.A. and Alex Hatfield M.A. co-founders of Wild Rites


Saturday 29th April 2017
Beltane Firewalk

2pm- 10.30pm
@ Sunny Brow Farm, Outgate, Near Ambleside,
 Cumbria, LA22 0PU.

Feel free to bring a drum, rattle or other instrument for the fire-walking

ceremony cost is £75 per person.
* * Early bird offer! 2 places for £100 when booking
 before 15th April. * *

places limited to 16.


Fire as a rite of purification, healing, initiation and moving beyond has a long thread in the cultural tapestry of our planet. Many tribal people had, or have, rituals and ceremonies to honor the sacred and transformative power of fire.

“Allow your inner fire to burn, the fire of the spirit, give the most passionate element it’s rightful place in the cycle of purification and renewal” (Peggy Dylan).

During this firewalk you will:

  • Explore your relationship with fire, love and your wild heart.

  • Uncover what prevents you fully embracing and loving yourself.

  • Through the firewalk you will release limiting beliefs and mindsets.

  • Be with others in a community with soulmaking at it’s heart.

  • Recognise that the firewalk ceremony is a beautiful and transcendent rite that builds your inner authority and relationship to the element of fire. 


Why Firewalking?

Walking on hot coals is a part of important sacred festivals and ceremonies worldwide. The oldest recorded firewalk was over 4000 years ago in India. 

  • The Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari desert have firewalked since their tribal beginnings. 
  • In Bali young girls dance on fire as part of their rite of passage into womanhood. 
  • In the Hindu fire ceremony Agni Hotra, fire is used to purify the physical and spiritual atmosphere.
  • In Peru the flame is used to spiritually uplift participants in their fire-ceremonies.

Fire has long been linked to transformation. The firewalk is a powerful way to let go of the old and make way for the new, just like natures wildfire clears the land for new growth. This ceremony will be dedicated to the wild heart. 

Why 29th April?

For our ancestors on the British Isles, the end of April, start of May was a festival of fire and love, marking the beginning of summer and the fertility of nature – today we call this festival Beltane. Sacred fires were lit and cattle driven through them for protection, people would jump the fire for renewal or strength and re-light their extinguished hearth fires from the sacred flames. (Frazer, J “The Golden Bough”). 

Deciding to Firewalk

Walking on fire enables us to face many natural fears and limiting mindsets. Firewalking can be a powerful way to go beyond the mind and free us from limitations.

The Wild Hearts Spring Firewalk is ideal if you want to:

  • Heal hurts and gain courage to live the life of your soul’s calling.

  • Challenge your limitations.

  • Reconnect to your inner wild heart.

  • Realise you can achieve things beyond your beliefs.

  • Deepen your relationship to the element of fire.

About your Workshop Guides

The firewalk is led by Alex Hatfield who is a certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor. The Fire Keeper for this ceremony is Jon Keen. Jon and Alex are rites of passage guides with a wealth of experience.  They are members of the Wilderness Guides Council and the Association of Pscyhospiritual Practitioners. They are both  psychospiritual psychologists with M.A.'s in Psychosynthesis Psychology and are qualified counsellors and coaches. Between them they have facilitated hundreds of people in ceremony, self-development and leadership workshops. They co-founded Wild Rites in 2016 with the mission to provide pan cultural nature based programmes that empower participants to live a soulful life aligned to their True Self.

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Logistics & Overnight Accommodation

You will need to bring outdoor clothing suitable for any weather, something for your evening meal, including cutlery (personal not shared), a note book and pen.  Teas/coffees/herbals, water and snacks will be provided. Feel free to bring a drum, rattle or other instrument for the fire-walking.

Overnight Accommodation: If you wish to stay at Sunny Brow Farm after the firewalk there are several options available to you from camping/campervan parking to luxury barns. Please contact Suzy at Sunny Brow Farm direct for accommodation bookings on 015394 36288,  or follow this link.