Wild Nature Soulmaking Intensive (WNSI)
4-days and 3 nights
Lake District, UK
with Jon Keen M.A. and Alex Hatfield M.A. co-founders of Wild Rites

Images by Tranquillian Photography, Lake District

Images by Tranquillian Photography, Lake District

New Dates! 3rd-6th May 2019

12th-15th July 2019
27th-30th September 2019

Arrival between 4 and 5pm on the Friday afternoon
unitl 4pm on the Monday
@ Lake District National Park,

Cost £375 p.p. including bunk-barn accommodation or camping. Places limited to 8. 

Fill your days with the beauty of nature within and without. Listen to the land of your soul and the land underneath your feet as we journey together into your wild and natural depths. 

“By the lake in the wood, in the shadows, you can whisper that truth to the quiet reflection you see in the water. Whatever you hear from the water, remember, it wants you to carry the sound of its truth on your lips.”  
— All the True Vows, David Whyte.

During this intensive we will:

  • Explore the four directions, seasons and elements as a mirror to your own soulful nature.

  • Develop an I-Thou relationship to inner and outer Nature.

  • Take steps to become fully human as you learn to honour all aspects and phases of your Self.

  • Recognise Nature as a guide  and unifying centre in your own life.

  • Participate in and take away techniques of Council  and Ceremony -  ways to communicate from the heart in sacred space.
  • This retreat is also a great first step for those considering a Wild Rites Vision Quest.



At Wild Rites Soulmaking is our work. We consider Soul the middle ground between our most essential Self/Spirit and our very necessary yet adapted ego. Soul is both the mediator and experience of spirit in matter. Soul is the level where we find meaning in the experience of being in a limited world. For each of us our wild nature and soul are intrinsically linked. 

When we talk about wild we refer to your untamed, un-caged and un-adapted True Self. The innate you that is always seeking greater expression in the world. The you that knows the Human Soul and Nature are non-separate.

To spend time focusing on your soul life is a huge gift to yourself.  This intensive will deeply immerse you in soul through an ancient and timeless process that enables you to look into the mirror of nature and become more Whole. We will work with the four directions, elements and seasons of the Human Soul. 

We will use fasting as a way to enter a liminal or ‘betwixt and between’ state. Fasting heightens the senses and helps us cross the threshold from the concrete to abstract mind. When we walk on the land hungry it reminds us of something timeless within us, the only food are the sights, sounds and smells of Nature- we are alert and pay absolute attention. This helps to see ourselves more clearly and listen deeply to Nature's messages. Fasting is recommended, yet optional and lasts between break-fast and dinner daily.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
— John Muir

The WNSI is ideal to:

  • Deepen your relationship to Soul and Nature.

  • Discover how the past and future inform our present.

  • Become more fully Human.

  • Work with the 4 directions as a living guide to Nature.

  • Dive deep into your soul life and discover where you have flow and where you may be limiting yourself.

  • Encounter a safe and compassionate space where all of you is welcome.

Accommodation and Logistics

The base-camp has a wild-wood, fire-pit, beautiful river running through and is right on the edge of the Fells. Our base-camp is a rustic place with a bunk-barn, camping ground, toilet/shower block and a main gathering/cooking barn with full cooking facilities. There is no central heating, although there is a large wood burner in the main barn and the showers are hot. Please prepare for rustic and natural, its part of the charm of the place!

The cost of the retreat includes:

  • Accommodation either camping (with your own tent) or in the alpine-style bunk-barn (there are 3 rooms).
  • All guiding and teachings.
  • Welcome meal on the Friday evening.

What you will need to bring:

  • Camping and/or sleeping equipment including your pillow and warm sleeping bag if staying in the bunk barn (the bunk barn has no central heating so bring what you need to be warm at night).
  • Food for 3 days - remember, you will be fasting between break-fast and dinner each day.
  • Full waterproofs and waterproof boots. These need to be fully waterproof, (e.g. Goretex) not water resistant, you will be spending time on the land and it might rain.
  • All personal items such as toiletries, towels etc.
  • A small day backpack with enough space for spare clothes and a water bottle.
  • A rattle, drum or instrument (optional).
  • A notepad and pens.
  • Poetry and songs that inspire you (optional).


Arrival is on the Friday evening between 4pm-6pm.  This will give you time to pitch your tent or find your bed and get to know the base-camp a little. A vegetarian dinner will be provided at 7pm in the main barn and will be our first meeting as a community (we cater for all dietary needs so please let us know your needs). The retreat process will begin on the Saturday morning at 10am.

We will finish the retreat process by 3pm on the Monday with a final thanksgiving ceremony. This gives us time to tidy-up and pack-up as a community before departing at 4pm.


If you are coming by car there is parking available. Directions to base-camp will be provided upon booking. If you are travelling by train you can arrange a pick-up and drop-off with us from Oxenholme Lake District mainline station. 

What others say about doing this work:

  • "A unique experience with like minded people. Would highly recommend for people wanting to connect to nature and find their true self." (Fiona, Cumbria).
  • "The retreat was a great opportunity to explore the deeper levels of existence in a peaceful, supportive environment. The retreat has deepened my practice, my understanding of myself and of the ways nature speaks to me and through me." (J. Lawton, West Yorkshire).
  • "My expectations of a good development experience, in nature, were significantly exceeded. I thought I was self-aware but the mirroring I got from Jon and Alex gave me new perspectives on who I might be and what there is to work with in me.  I’ve done a lot of development work.  In this, I felt safe, challenged and inspired in a different way.  Powerful stuff, and I am coming back to do more."  (F. Macmillan, Leadership Coach).
  • "A beautiful & surprising weekend to inspire & connect with the soul through experience with nature. Small groups & genuine facilitators. Would recommend this unique event to everyone". (JH, Nottingham).

  • Each of the three guides had a powerful impact on me including Bran the dog. For me connecting with animals can be easier than with people - Bran knew this and welcomed and guided me throughout. He knew instinctively when I needed help to stay present, coming to me and letting me place my hands on him when I needed to, and at other times he encouraged me to play and laugh carefree like a child. He gave me the confidence to face my fears and to stay connected with life. The experience was all the richer for having him there. Thank you wise Bran! (NB, March 2018)

  • The wild nature weekend was challenging and exactly what the universe intended to show me! Alex and Jon were very intuitive, safe to be with, excellent facilitators and hit the spot, working together seamlessly. I learned more about myself on my own journey of healing with the terrain that was gifted to us with the support of Alex and Jon.  (IAT, East Midlands)


About your Workshop Guides

Jon and Alex are rites of passage guides with a wealth of experience.  They are members of the Wilderness Guides Council and the Association of Pscyhospiritual Practitioners. They are both  psychospiritual psychologists with M.A.'s in Psychosynthesis Psychology and are qualified counsellors and coaches. Between them they have facilitated hundreds of people in ceremony, self-development and leadership workshops. They co-founded Wild Rites in 2016 with the mission to provide pan cultural nature based programmes that empower participants to live a soulful life aligned to their True Self.

Book here ...

Costs: £375.  £150 non-refundable deposit secures your place.

Any questions or if you would prefer to speak to us before booking please contact alex@wildrites.uk.

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