wild rites quest 

May 2019
Thur, 7th May - Sun, 17th May 2019.
English Lake District, UK.

Guides: Jon Keen & Alex Hatfield with Charmaine Ferris

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structure of the 11 days

This eleven-day program will be held in a beautiful valley in the South Lakes in May, a time when spring blossoms forth and the land is covered with flowers and new life. With woodland, open fells and rivers, the valley is quiet, secluded and we like to think of it as a hidden gem.  

Your base camp consists of a main communal barn, sleeping barn, shower/toilet block and camping ground.  You can camp under the horse-chestnut tree where there is plenty of space for your tent, or if you prefer take residence in one of 3 camping barn rooms (alpine style bunks). In the main communal barn there are cooking facilities with everything you may need for your stay, including a wood burning stove.

Prior to arriving with us, we will send you a handbook and guide you through your preparation. A minimum of 1 month before the program you will be asked to take part in a solo medicine walk -  a day out on the land of your choice without food from sunrise to sunset. This will help you prepare for the quest.You will write up the details of your walk and send it to us at Wild Rites along with a letter of intent for your quest.

You will arrive on Thursday 7th May between 1 and 2pm, get settled and meet the land, your guides and fellow participants. There will be a meal provided for you that evening followed by a check-in council. During our time at base camp we will spend time together outside and create our circle of community around the fire-pit next to the river or in the main barn where there is a roaring woodburner. The preparation process will continue to deepen until sunrise Monday when your solo fast begins. We will meet in Circle to:

  • Develop your relationship to Self, learn ancient yet timeless ways of looking into the mirror of Nature.

  • Explore your personal relationship to the four shields/directions of being a whole human.

  • We will share ideas of self-generated ceremony

  • and teach necessary skills such as tarp craft.

  • We will support you to craft your intent for the solo fast until it rings true through your whole being.

  • You will spend time finding your solo site which will hold you in the wilderness for the 4 days and nights of your wilderness fast.

The next four days and nights will be spent fasting alone, coming back to base camp at sunrise on the Friday morning, the remainder of this day will be a day off.  The next 2 days will be devoted to taking the necessary steps of return or Incorporation in a fully conscious way. At Wild Rites we specialise in guiding vision quests in such a way that our questers can integrate their awakening into their lives! This process begins with a Council session where each participant has the opportunity to tell the story of their Vision Quest solo and to receive essential mirroring and confirmation from guides. We will be departing from base camp on Sunday 17th May at 1pm.

Upon receipt of your enrolment and non refundable deposit we will send you a form to complete about yourself including medical details; a handbook about the solo fast and details for getting to us. (We can collect you from the nearest train station if you are coming by train which is Oxenhome Lake District and is a mainline station). Your balance will be due no later than 1 month before the arrival date.  You also have the option of paying the full amount upon enrolment. We look forward to meeting you.

The impact of Vision Quest - what people say

Alex and Jon recognised the very personal process being undertaken by each of us and, with the wisdom of ones who know the depth and breadth of this transformative experience, held us each with love, kindness and generosity. Helen, London, UK

Alexandra and Jon have a gift! They are genuine masters of their craft and create a space where all participants are both included and encouraged. Their vision questing technique is guaranteed to bring results - I’ve paid ten times more, for much less. So, why not get yourself to one of their programs? You will be surprised at how much you get from it.
Jan M, London, UK

I completed my Vision Quest with Jon and Alex at WildRites in May 2018, it was the most incredible and life changing experience. Not a first step in your journey, but it will come at the right time for you whenever you feel it is right.
Steve, Surrey, UK

The Quest is an experience that will resonate with me for a long while. Jon and Alex guided us through our quest giving us the strength and space to make our own decisions with grace, love, wisdom and total professionalism. I discovered a subtle but firm way of allowing myself to reach deep within and draw out what I needed. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I would most certainly love the to work with them again.
Di, Divisional Operations Manager, Manchester, UK 


Guiding, tuition and accommodation fees  - £1095
(Non-refundable deposit of £295 payable upon enroling)
Maximum 8 places

We highly recommend speaking to Jon or Alex about the Wild Rites Quest before committing to this deeply transformative Soulmaking process. This is a free, no obligation call. Click below to complete your details.

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