the impact of a wild rites experience.

The 11 day Vision Quest is a must if you are a seeker of truth, and wish to explore your inner dimensions surrounded by a natural and stunning environment. The whole experience was so enriching, from the bonding of the group, to meal times, and sharing in Council. The setting is intimate and vast at the same time. Jon and Alex, the Quest leaders, are so special. They have a way of giving you exactly what you need, they are skillful, knowledgeable, insightful and intuitive and have big warm hearts. I have been on many retreats, and spiritual events, but this is a league of its own.
Jane, Essex

Jon and Alex  leverage the surrounding magnificent natural landscape and their subtle experience to create a safe space for participants to get what they need at this time in their life, by listening to nature and their own wisdom. Wild Rites was for me a profound transformative experience. 
Pascal Ducheix, May 2019

Alex and Jon's partnership is a treasure trove of magical spontaneity, responsiveness and dynamic gifts for the individuals who work with them. They guide profound ceremonial group spaces that engage, delight, inspire and challenge and they have knowing faith in each person’s power when alone. Importantly they have a wealth of training and experience to hold participants safely physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. 
Michelle, Scotland


I felt held and inspired in this unique valley, by the beauty of nature and the wisdom, passion and compassion of both Jon and Alex. The experience of these few days was uplifting, deepening and healing. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to reconnect. 
AJ Cumbria

I wholeheartedly recommend the Wild Nature Soulmaking Intensive. This is one of the most amazing weekends l've been on for a long time. I can't stop enthusing about it to all my friends and colleagues! 
Sally Holligan, Psychotherapist, Cumbria, UK


Alex and Jon recognised the very personal process being undertaken by each of us and, with the wisdom of ones who know the depth and breadth of this transformative experience, held us each with love, kindness and generosity.' Helen, London, UK


I loved the place and the people and how the process opened our hearts up like flowers.  Since returning to my life I have felt gifted with a profound sense of wholeness, resilience and perspective.  I have been able to access my own creativity this week, having really juicy playtime with good friends and an easy flowing productivity with my work. JP,  Chelmsford, UK


Alexandra and Jon have a gift! They are genuine masters of their craft and create a space where all participants are both included and encouraged. Their vision questing technique is guaranteed to bring results - I’ve paid ten times more, for much less. So, why not get yourself to one of their programs? You will be surprised at how much you get from it.
Janek M, London, UK


My solo one day walk and then the amazing 9 days Quest is an experience that will resonate with me for a long while. Jon and Alex guided us through our solo vision quest giving us the strength and space to make our own decisions with grace, love, wisdom and total professionalism. The energy, wisdom and teaching that these 2 amazing people have is profound and second to none. I can honestly say they are 2 of the best, wisest, loveliest and honest teachers I have worked with. They have a subtle but firm way of allowing you to reach deep within yourself and draw out what you need for your quest. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I would most certainly love the to work with them again.
Di, Divisional Operations Manager, Manchester, UK 

I completed my Vision Quest with Jon and Alex at WildRites in May 2018, it was the most incredible and life changing experience. Not a first step in your journey, but it will come at the right time for you whenever you feel it is right.
Steve, Surrey, UK


Wild Nature Soulmaking Intensive is a unique experience with like minded people. Would highly recommend for people wanting to connect to nature and find their true self."
Fiona, Cumbria, UK.

What a great opportunity to explore the deeper levels of my soul life in a peaceful, supportive environment. I have deepened my practice, my understanding of myself and of the ways nature that speak to me and through me.
J. Lawton, West Yorkshire, UK

My expectations of a good development experience, in nature, were significantly exceeded. I thought I was self-aware but the mirroring I got from Jon and Alex gave me new perspectives on who I might be and what there is to work with in me.  I’ve done a lot of development work.  In this, I felt safe, challenged and inspired in a different way.  Powerful stuff, and I am coming back to do more.
F. Macmillan, Leadership Coach, UK

A beautiful & surprising weekend to inspire & connect with the soul through experience with nature. Small groups & genuine facilitators. Would recommend this unique event to everyone.  JH, Nottingham, UK

Each of the three guides had a powerful impact on me including Bran the dog. For me connecting with animals can be easier than with people - Bran knew this and welcomed and guided me throughout. He gave me the confidence to face my fears and to stay connected with life. The experience was all the richer for having him there. Thank you wise Bran! NB, UK

The Wild Nature Soulmaking Intensive weekend was challenging and exactly what the universe intended to show me! Alex and Jon were very intuitive, safe to be with, excellent facilitators and hit the spot, working together seamlessly. I learned more about myself on my own journey of healing with the terrain that was gifted to us with the support of Alex and Jon.  
IAT, East Midlands, UK

This is the temple of my adult aloneness
and I belong to that aloneness as I belong to my life. There is no house like the house of belonging.
— David Whyte