To provide pan cultural nature based programmes that empower participants to live a soulful life aligned to their True Self.


  • We all have a True Self, an innate potential that constantly seeks greater expression. To be our True Self in the world requires moving beyond our past limits and adaptations. To express our True Self is the greatest gift we can offer.

  • We are all interconnected and an integral part of Nature. Nature offers us a mirror to realise our True Self.

  • Soul is the experience of spirit in matter.  Soul making enables us to know the depths and heights of being human.

  • Rites of passage are our birthright. They are pan cultural and an essential part of soul making.


Our affiliations

The Institute of Psychosynthesis, London

Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners

The Wilderness Guides Council


“Seek not the paths of the ancients;
Seek that which the ancients sought.”
— Matsuo Basho