“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” - Joseph Campbell.


why undertake a wild rites quest?

why vision quest


People come to us for many reasons. One thing they all have in common is that they are ready to express more of their True Self in the world. 

When the ego no longer aligns with the emerging True Self it creates much suffering and dis-ease. Wild Rites Quest - a wilderness retreat -  supports realignment so that you can live a whole and purposeful life that brings you joy and benefits those around you.

Some participants are on an intentional journey and wish to catalyse their personal and spiritual growth. Many have simply reached a point where they can no longer continue as they have been. In their own way all hear the call, a call to adventure, the heroic adventure of becoming the person you were born to be!

Wild Rites Quest creates movement. Participants experience dying from one life phase and its identifications, to make space for the emergent and then are re-born to a new phase and identifications. These rites are incredibly powerful and support people to proceed in transitions where they may otherwise become stuck.

Classic examples of such transitions would be:

  • Coming of age

  • Marriage (committed relationship) / Divorce (separation)

  • Becoming a parent

  • Career change

  • Mid-life crises- which are often crises of meaning (For what?) and can happen at any age in adulthood, often many times.

  • Children leaving home

  • Bereavement

  • Starting or Leaving University

  • Beginning an Apprentiship or a Management /Leadership Role

  • Retirement

  • Dying


The quest process reconnects us to nature, within and without. During the rite nature is the external mirror that reflects our internal world, we remember that we are an interconnected part of nature, that she supports and nourishes us. Separation from nature only ever happened in our consciousness, fasting solo enables us to reconnect to our life source. An intimate relationship with nature brings a deep sense of belonging and a reservoir of energy to connect into.

Participants often remember the awe and wonder of childhood as they recover parts of themselves that got lost along the way due to the demands of daily life. The recovering of qualities that were important to the child can lead to a far more fulfilling life. 

A Wild Rites Quest resets your compass to align with your heart. To realise your calling and what it is that you wish to stand for in the world leads to a fulfilling and purposeful life which benefits all people.

Many of life's turning points can be tumultuous and destructive if a safe and conscious container is not created- think about adolescence and mid-life. Wild Rites provide an opportunity to resolve these energies and enable you to move forward consciously rather than unconsciously acting them out. We offer the opportunity for you to celebrate the change and facilitate soulful empowerment as you begin your next phase.

"The purpose and effect of these rituals was to conduct people across those difficult thresholds of transformation that demand a change in the patterns not only of conscious but also unconscious life" Joseph Campbell.

vision quest group

Wild Rites Quest primarily catalyse and initiate inner change. These may be changes in the way you see and experience yourself, the letting go of limiting mindsets and beliefs, connecting with true self-worth and a deep sense of belonging, discovering self-love, claiming greater responsibility as you progress in your life.

During the retreat you will participate in a solo fast which is often called a vision quest, the “vision” refers to an opening and surrender to something greater than the socially conditioned ego, realisation of your True Self - discovery of your gifts and innate potential. For thousands of years the wilderness solo fast has been a primary catalyst for such spiritual awakenings.

Your Commitment

We realise that to partake in a Wild Rites Quest may be a once in a lifetime event. It take courage and commitment to hear and answer the call of your True Self. We want our participants to be comfortable that they have found the right guides for them and their process. This is why we offer a free, no obligation 30 minute call-back service so you can speak to Jon or Alex about the Wild Rites Quest. If you would like to arrange your call-back clik on the button below and complete the form, we will email you in the first instance to arrange your call-back date and time.



2019 Dates

Spring Vision Quest: 16th-26th May, Lake District UK - Now Full.
June Vision Quest: 6th - 16th June, Lake District UK.
Autumn Vision Quest: 12th-22nd September, Lake District UK.

2020 Dates

7th - 17th May, Lake District.
10th-19th September, Lake District.

“If you keep telling the same story. You will keep living the same life.

Change the story and you change perception; change perception and you change the world.”
— Jean Houston