Wild Woman 2020
A nine month rite of passage
to birth your authentic leader and wild woman

with Alex Hatfield M.A. (Psych) co-founder of Wild Rites & Charmaine Ferris, Wild Rites Guide.

Are you ready to find belonging in the nature of your Life? Are you called to liberate from your imagination new forms, and bring to life new images of yourself? Are you willing to enter into your own wilderness? Then a rite of passage into wild womanhood is for you.

Wild Woman is about a group of women bringing their life experiences to a circle and exploring the different aspects of the feminine, together, with nature as a mirror and guide.

We come to know Soul through myth, image and metaphor. Soul is enlivened by feeling and imagination, through body, heart and mind; this is the ground we will walk upon for our 9-month long journey. We will walk together as leaders and Wild Women, guided by the feminine rhythms and archetypes.

As a woman lives them, she will understand more and more her interior feminine rhythms. The rhythms of creativity, of solitude, of play, of rest, of sexuality, and of the hunt.”
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Why Wild Woman?

“When I talk about wild I refer to your untamed, un-caged and un-adapted True Self. The innate you that is always seeking greater expression in the world. The you that knows the Human Soul and Nature are non-separate.

For me nature is Life taking form, whether that’s our inner nature or the natural world. In every woman there lies a Wild Authentic Self, a core that seeks and longs to live her story of being wild, authentic woman, leading her own life, her way. Exploring and often rediscovering what the feminine means to her in a world where the masculine has been valued at the expense of the feminine. By feminine and masculine I am talking about deep natural energies in us, not our genders.

As women our bodies have natural rites of passage and yet we are culturally lacking in the soulful ceremonies, rites and gatherings where we can fully own-up to our authenticity and grow-up to our potential. The Wild Woman process has been designed with this end in mind. It catalyses a spiritual awakening and actualising of your feminine/masculine energies. It will awaken you to the Goddess within and in Nature. It will provide space for you to embody and self-lead.” (A. Hatfield, 2019)

“Only by discovering and loving the goddess lost within our rejected body can we hear our own authentic voice.”
— Marion Woodman
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What to expect:

  • You will learn about the seasons and cycles of the feminine through ceremony, council, self-reflection, medicine walks, mirroring and of course Nature.

  • We will form a bond of sisterhood and journey together to discover each aspect of the Wild Woman on our wheel – Virgin/Maiden, Lover, Mother and Wise Woman.

  • We will each share our wisdom, experiences and stories to discover together how these archetypes play out in our own lives.

  • Through myth and storytelling we bring the archetypes alive and discover how they move though and within us.

  • We learn about our light and shadow and allow ourselves to make room in our psyche for the emergent Wild Woman and self leadership - and learn to accept what gets in our way and be gentle with our inner landscapes.

  • You will encounter the Goddess in Her many names and faces within your inner self and in the wild landscape of our venue.

  • You will encounter your own rhythms and the rhythms of the Earth Mother in the northern hemisphere.

  • You will lead your own personal regeneration ceremony at the Winter Solstice.

  • You will reclaim what has been disavowed.

  • You will come know your light and your shadow.


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What others say about attending Wild Woman

I know my wild woman through being with nature, dreams, stories, myths, open ended generative conversations, attending to the ‘I’ who feels and listening to whispers in the wind.
My relationship to the divine feminine has transformed my sense of self, by re-membering and reclaiming my inner power, authority and authenticity
— ET, Shropshire
Attending wild woman has given me a direct line to the deepest connection I have with myself, with others, and our beautiful earth. My wild woman stands tall as a guardian for all that is precious and vulnerable in our world. I know her through my call to the wild, the hum of my voice, my blood and my bones, all made of this earth. My relationship to the divine feminine has been enlivened, awakened – she is passionate, activated, and ready to create beauty in the world.
— SC, London
Attending wild woman has given me the confidence to be me, I feel freer. My relationship to the divine feminine has deepened and expanded and I feel confidence in speaking my truth, claiming my ground and a much deeper connection to the whole of life. Its been a journey of creating, dance, play, making, laughing, crying, loving, wandering, and singing!
— CF, Edinburgh
Attending wild woman has given me a sense of who I truly am. I know my wild woman through my connection and dialogue with my intuition and instinct. My relationship to the divine feminine has opened immensely.
— KP, Nottinghamshire

Dates 2020

Each long weekend runs from 1pm on the Friday to 1pm on the Monday. Each online reconnect is 1.5hrs duration. There will be easy, guided self-led activities to undertake on your own in-between the weekends.

  • 24th-27 April - Virgin/Maiden

  • 5th June 6pm - online reconnect

  • 19th-22nd June - Lover

  • 7th Aug - online reconnect

  • 21st-24th August - Mother

  • 25th Sept - online reconnect

  • 9th-12th Oct - Wise Woman /Crone

  • Self generated winter solstice renewal ceremony (this is done alone in your own time).

Costs: The total cost for this intensive rite of passage is £1895. A £395 non-refundable deposit secures your place followed by 3 installments of £500 by end March, May and July 2020. The fees include all guiding, facilitation, accommodation (in bunk barn or camping with your own equipment), welcome meal on Friday night, tea, coffee and herbal teas. Please note that all fees must be paid in full by 31st July 2020. The group is limited to 10 participants so that there is plenty of time and space for you and your wild woman process.

Life Coaching Option: These sessions are catalytic and transformative. Some people find that they want regular therapeutic holding alongside the long weekends. Some participants already have a guide, coach or therapist who fulfills this role. For those that do not and think that they will benefit from such a relationship Alex is able to offer 121 psychosynthsis life coaching over 6 sessions at £450.

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About your Guides

The rite of passage is guided by Alex Hatfield and Charmaine Ferris. You can learn more about them both on our guides page.

Accommodation, Logistics and Base Camp

The base-camp has a wild-wood, fire-pit, beautiful river running through and is in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria. Our base-camp is a rustic place with a bunk-barn, camping ground, toilet/shower block and a main gathering/cooking barn with full cooking facilities. There is no central heating, although there is a large wood burner in the main barn and the showers are hot. Please prepare for rustic and natural, its part of the charm of the place!

What you will need to bring:

  • Camping and/or sleeping equipment including your pillow and warm sleeping bag if staying in the bunk barn (the bunk barn has no central heating so bring what you need to be warm at night).

  • Your food, except the welcome meal on the Friday.

  • Fully waterproofs jacket and over trousers and waterproof boots. These need to be fully waterproof, (e.g. Goretex) not water resistant, you will be spending time on the land and it might rain.

  • All personal items such as toiletries, clothes, towels etc.

  • A small day backpack with enough space for spare clothes and a water bottle.

  • A rattle, drum or instrument (optional).

  • A notepad and pens.

  • Poetry and songs that inspire you (optional).


Arrival is on the Friday at 1pm and we begin our circles at 2pm. This will give you time to pitch your tent or find your bed and get to know the base-camp. A vegetarian dinner will be provided in the main barn on each Friday night (we cater for all dietary needs so please let us know your needs).

We will finish each weekend with a final thanksgiving ceremony and be ready to leave at 1pm on the Monday. Each weekend we will also clean-up as a group and community leaving the base camp as we found it for the next group.

Travel: If you are coming by car there is parking available. Directions to base-camp will be provided upon booking. If you are travelling by train you can arrange a pick-up and drop-off with us from Oxenholme Lake District mainline station.