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Jon finds joy in supporting others to find and express their meaning and purpose. An authentic, playful boundary walker with a courageous open heart, willing to be vulnerable, he is deeply connected to the ocean and a lover of wild space.

Jon has experienced an eight-year apprenticeship with a medicine man, owning a building company, captaining luxury sailing yachts and establishing a practice as a psychospiritual counsellor and coach.

Jon’s work is richly informed by Psychosynthesis psychology, which he has an MA in, received through a 6 year training at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London. He has trained with the School of Lost Borders as a vision quest guide.

Jon’s thesis, “Rites of Passage through a Psychosynthetic Lens” considers the use of rites to catalyse psychological and spiritual development in modern times.

Wild Rites is his soul’s vision. He also facilitates corporate groups in leadership development and interpersonal skills in the outdoors. He has designed and delivered award winning corporate and coach training programmes for the Outward Bound Trust. 

Jon’s technical skills complement his psychological, he is a qualified commercial yacht captain, mountain leader; a canoeing, diving and sailing instructor.




Bran is Wild Rites 4-legged lurcher guide who's strengths lie in being truly himself, able to bring us back into the here and now and has been know to play the jester to teach us about the sacred and the profane.

"Each of the three guides had a powerful impact on me including Bran the dog. For me connecting with animals can be easier than with people. Bran knew this and welcomed and guided me throughout. He knew instinctively when I needed help to stay present, coming to me and letting me place my hands on him when I needed to and at other times he encouraged me to play and laugh carefree like a child. He gave me the confidence to face my fears and to stay connected with life. The experience was all the richer for having him there. Thank you wise Bran!" NB, March 2018


alex hatfield

Alex knows that struggle and joy exist simultaneously in life. She sees that personal suffering can be a call to develop more authenticity and deepen our soul life.

For Alex the Earth is a compassionate and ever giving mother, the ground that supports her connection to Self and belonging. Alex is a lover of human nature and finds peace in knowing that our shared experience of being human is a journey of the soul that is more than the mind, greater than the body and beyond the realm of feelings; yet inclusive of all these elements of our humanness.

What lights Alex up is when compassion, free-will and surrender to something greater come together in the liminal space of ceremony.  This is why she guides vision quests and rites of passage.

Alex has been making ceremony and creating initiatory experiences for 18 years. Most prominently leading workshops and learnings based in the mythology of the Goddess; the feminine aspects of creation and nature. She has worked with many people where it has been her privilege to witness their transformation.

What’s important to Alex when guiding any rite of passage is the warmth, connection, holding, support and challenge she can bring to the circle. Alex is a guide who knows she is constantly being taught, by nature, people and life.

Alongside Wild Rites, Alex works internationally as a learning and organisational development consultant and corporate facilitator. She studied at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London over 8 years achieving an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology, a Diploma in Counselling and a Post-graduate Diploma in Leadership Coaching. Alex is a member of the Wilderness Guides Council, a climber, a Firewallk instructor and has an affinity with the rocks and stars.

charmaine ferris, B.A.


For Charmaine we are part of nature and deeply connected to everything, even when our minds tell us otherwise. As she moves into elder-hood, Charmaine sees that the ego and intellect, so valued by the western world, can block us from our magnificence and the infinite possibilities of Life. Her way is to listen to the Creative Life Force who is always whispering and opening us to far greater possibilities than we could imagine. She is dedicated to helping herself and others fulfill our highest potential, which for her happens when her mind is quiet and she listens to her heart and body.

Charmaine is deeply inspired by nature and finds solace in its magical beauty, light and wildness. She has completed a long term apprenticeship in the ways of the modern Medicine Woman and it is this archetype that has taught her her to weather both wild, dark storms and still days of endless blue sky and sun.

Charmaine trained with Leo Rutherford and Howard Charing at Eagle’s Wing in 2005 to 2009. She assisted Howard on his Shamanic Practitioner Training and Plant Spirit workshops. For many years she has been an avid student of Tibetan Buddhism, Catholic mystics, Native American wisdom and the spiritual teachings of Ramana and his student Papaji.

Originally from Chicago, Charmaine moved to London many years ago, completing her degree in Social Work from Purdue University (Indiana, USA). She went on to gain a diploma in the fine and decorative arts from Sotheby’s in London and worked as a social worker as well as in the City of London.

Alongside guiding for Wild Rites, for 25 years she has focused on the non-profit sector as a fundraising and development manager, and consultant. Charmaine’s specialty has been major donors, capital campaigns, development, philanthropy, grant making and strategic planning. She has worked for the Natural History Museum, Forum for the Future, Landmark Trust, Watts Gallery and Foundation Scotland.

Charmaine has a strong connection to the Black Madonna and loves walking, nature, the arts and dancing.

The wilderness is an untamed, unpredictable place of solitude and searching. It is a place as dangerous as it is breathtaking, a place as sought after as it is feared. But it turns out to be the place of true belonging, and it’s the bravest and most sacred place you will ever stand.
— Brene Brown